Socialism ensures human rights: Senior leader Khanal

Senior leader of the CPN (Unified Socialist) and former prime minister Jhalanath Khanal has said socialism ensures human rights. Therefore, establishment of true socialism is imperative, he underscored.

Addressing at district gathering of Nepal Indigenous People’s Federation (Socialist) at Banepa on Saturday, Khanal viewed, “Country has gained republic socialism. Establishment of true socialism guarantees human rights which addresses citizen’s inherent rights.”

Leader Khanal also claimed that Nepali society was making headway to socialist revolution. Nepalis peace and prosperity is assured through the socialist revolution, he added.

According to him, his party was revolutionary party which wants to extirpate status quo. Situation of human rights was shrunken in Nepal due to status quoist and capitalist ones. They exploit people, he asserted.

On the occasion, politburo member Krishna Prasad Sapkota said all communities and classes should have access to democratic benefits.

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